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The Cardinal Corner

9 months ago

Welcome to the Cardinal Corner. A blog by students.

As part of our school's continued commitment to student excellence in all things journalism, broadcast and social media we decided that a blog would be a wonderful way for our students to create content in a meaningful way. This also allows them to work without print deadlines, or the strict rules and regulations that come with print media. We are so excited for this journey. We hope you enjoy! 

Homecoming 2019

Mrs. Leonard, our social media teacher and sponsor of the photography club had the chance to be on the field for the Cardinal's homecoming game. Below are a series of images that were captured during the first half of the game, as well as half-time. Enjoy! #gocardinals 

For high resolution downloads, social media sharing, printing, and more photos visit THIS WEBSITE

Mrs. Moad - Science. 

Mrs. Moad is a teacher at Farmington High School. She teaches biology and environmental science. She graduated college from Pittsburgh State in 1999. She has been teaching for 20 years, and has been at Farmington for the last four years. Mrs. Moad wanted to go into science specifically for the hands on aspect. She also said that she really wanted to go into teaching because it impacted people's lives. Science was her favorite subject when she was in school. Her favorite topic to teach is genetics. 

She would like new students coming into high school to know that teachers are people too, and that high school is to prepare you for college, and getting you used to time management. Mrs. Moad said that her favorite thing about school is, ironically, summer. Her favorite hobbies outside of school have to do with anything outdoors. She loves to go kayaking, fishing, camping, and swimming. She also enjoys sewing and cooking. If you haven't met Mrs. Moad stop in C204 and say hi! 

Written by Abigail Jones, '21
Photo by A. Jones

Mr. Simmons - Social Studies.

Mr. Simmons has been teaching history for twenty years now, and spent three amazing years right here in Farmington. He has stories from his own history to tell. 

He’s not just here for history though, he also coaches our high school boys basketball. He has high standards for the teams and himself. “It’s more important to be a better person than a player,” he said. He strives to be better, not only as a teacher or coach, but as a person in general. He cares about people, and wants to be able to help, and have people reach out to him if they ever needed it. “I not only have high standards for myself but others, everyday I wake up I expect myself to get better, and so I hope that I can be a resource to help other people as well” he said.

Mr. Simmons has so many good traits, and has a very distinct way of looking at things. He looks up to people with a platform, a voice, and strong faith. He lives by the philosophy that most people don’t think about, but he lives it, day by day, because he sees so much in it.

“Get Better Today.” 

Written by Angela Silva, '20

Photo by A. Silva 

Mrs. Earnheart - Social Studies.

Stephanie Earnheart, teaches multiple classes at Farmington High School. She shared a little bit about herself with us, and we wanted to share it with our audience. 

She is a former student from Lake Hamilton high school in Hot Springs, Arkansas. After she graduated she attended Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, and received her bachelors degree. After achieving an undergraduate degree she attended the University of Arkansas where she gained her Masters. 

She has two daughters, and one son. Mrs. Earnheart and her husband, Mike Earnheart, are big family people. We asked her what they like to do when they aren't busy and she replied, “I like to go camping and fishing with my family when I can".

Written by Lance Garrison, '20

Photo by L. Garrison 

Ms. Selby - Social Studies.

Ms. Selby is a well-known history teacher at Farmington high school who has been teaching for roughly 14 years. She originally pursued teaching because of her determination to give back to the community, and contribute to society in a positive way. Her favorite part about teaching is the relationships she makes with students - so don’t be afraid to get to know her! 

Over these years of teaching  some advice shegives to students is to “always keep your study work organized and have a routine, it will help you in the long run.” 

Ms. Selby thinks everyone should know that she always sees the best in everyone, it doesn’t matter who you are. She says one of the best things about her career is probably the trips she takes overseas - which she describes as "exciting and new".  

Aside from being a lovable and nice teacher, she also has some hobbies outside of school. She likes quilt-making and, recently, learning carpentry.        

Written by Jade Johnson, '21

Photo by J. Johnson

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