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Frequently Asked Questions

about 1 year ago

How do I see my counselor?

Counselors are in their offices 7:15-7:30 each morning, and available for appointments daily. Students without appointments should see their counselor before school, during lunch, or after school. Students should remain in class during instructional time, unless they have an appointment, a pass to see their counselor, or it is an emergency. Parents/guardians can make appointments by calling the counselor's direct phone line or through email.

How do I make a schedule change?

If you would like to make a schedule change, the first step is to discuss the possible change with your counselor by making an appointment. As students sign up for classes in February/March, staff is hired for the following school year based on student course selection. Changes in the beginning of the school year are made on a limited basis based on individual student's needs. Specific teacher requests are not honored.

How do I apply for FASFA?

This link will take you directly to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Filling out the FAFSA is mandatory to qualify for ALL federal aid as well as some institutional, state and local scholarship funding. Students and parents must each apply for a FAFSA ID before filling out any paperwork. It will take approximately two to four days to receive your ID through email. Once you have an ID, you can access the FAFSA. 

Students applying to college for the Fall of 2017 and after, may access the FAFSA in October of their senior year. This is a CHANGE from years past. These students and parents may use their previous year taxes to file the FAFSA.  CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE FAFSA

How do I register to take the ACT/SAT?

Please use this link to access the ACT registration site. You will use this site each time you sign up for the ACT.

Please use this link to access the SAT registration site. You will use this site each time you sign up for the SAT.

Students in the 11th or 12th grade who receive free or reduced lunch, qualify for 2 free waivers. Please see the counselors for more information.

What do I do if I'm not doing well in class or have personal issues that I need to discuss with an adult? 

Counselors have many resources to assist students struggling with academics and/or personal issues. The first step is to stop by the counselor's office and discuss the concerns. Counselors are trained to work with each student to help them achieve academic and personal success.

How can I get a copy of my current transcript?  

How can I get a form for my drivers test?    

By Donna Norsworthy